07 August 2010

First International Trip (Shanghai and Outskirt of China)

I was exuberantly excited when my supervisor announced that I was preferred to handle a Group Tour in Shanghai. For first time of my life, I felt so blessed that finally I can go to another country where absolutely different from ours here in the Philippines. Not only am I referring to culture but as well the weather and the people. Knowing China, the largest country in Asia and the populous country, I myself was wondering, is this country really big. Albeit we have not visited Beijing, as where the “Great Wall” famous icon of China is located, still we manage to visit Shanghai. This city is considered being the largest and industrialized city in China and where you can actually buy fake Burbery, Loius Vitton, Chanel and whatnot famous brand line in Fashion arena. Thou I haven’t bought any unusual or significant item, because I was saving my allowance, still funny thou how I manage to buy almost 2 pairs of boots. Crazy thought because after which I can never use them anywhere in the Philippines. I was just amazed anyway why I apprehensively bought them without thinking the use of it here in our country. But nevertheless I enjoyed so many of my superb experiences that can never be bargain to any piece of money. For the reason that it was my first time to travel also grateful that I begun to see the real world out there. Partly glad that finally my passport has already a visa. Kidding aside, well its more of a lesson actually. One of which: We’ve been complaining that our country for the record have had never experienced snow, mind you when I was there; I’m gone through body shock because the weather was utterly chilly. Can you imagine yourself being stock in a freezer for almost 5 hours? Thou I was wearing almost 5 layers of clothes but the frosty air can totally go inside your skin. The winter clothes that I brought with me with the intention of wearing them for fashion sense were not properly credited to my aim. From the everyday change of hotels and I’m handling the group as well, when I arrived in my hotel room, after I wash my face, I directly crawl to my bed and sleep. I’m totally exhausted that I don’t take into consideration what to wear the next day. All I mind was how my clothes can totally and properly warm me. I was complaining with the weather because it was truly and superbly cold, well as first timer please re considered me for my exaggerating remark, I can’t withstand waiting for long outside since for a diminutive time I’m already chilling to death. But albeit I was in high spirits because as a Filipino, experiencing snow to foreign country is already a milestone that I can hold up high and be proud of. But as a Filipino also, we should not complain about our weather because we are just fortunate and privileged that we have enough sunlight and heat to warm us when we are outside doing our respective agendas and whatnot. I’m thankful that God let me live in this country where I can do whatever I want. But as said previously, I’m fortunate that I have been to China, a milestone for my being a “Wander Lust Person,” who precisely loves to travel and discover the world.
Forgive me if I can’t profoundly describe the minute details of my previous trip to China, since this write up was already outdated and long overdue. I tend to neglect this one but now I manage to sink it in here and have outlined our itinerary with some of corresponding pictures to attest the circuit of the places we’ve been to.

February 11 – Departure Direct from Cebu to Shanghai via China Eastern. We arrive around 8am.
Their Famous and high end Boulevard
High Rising Buildings

Shanghai Airport
February 12 – Shanghai – Suzhou
Famous Suzhou Birds' Nest

Beautiful Dome that changes into different colors

February 13 – Suzhou – Nanjing

February 14 – Nanjing – Wuxi (we celebrated simultaneously Chinese New Year and Valentines Day in Nanjing and surprisingly it snowed. Too much for a first timer.. :)).

A famous cemetery in China which massive burials where held in this site during Japanese Colonization. Some Chinese extremely dislikes Japanese because of this recorded History in their country.

 February 15 – Wuxi – Hangzhou

February 16 – Hangzhou

February 17 – Hangzhou – Jiaxi

February 18 – Jiaxi – Shanghai

February 19 – Shanghai – Cebu

February 20 – HOME sweet Home

Pre departure Area at Shanghai Airport

I got caught up with sneeze and colds but albeit totally happy and contented with my fantastic journey to China.
We end the tour with smile in every of our hearts. Because this trip wasn't purely for Leisure or for Fun and shopping, it was more of discovering new culture that in some ways were relatively similar to our tradition and ethnicity. In countless ways, to be thankful that despite the diversity we are still united to one community as an Asian and as a people who dwells freely on this earth.

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