How old are you?
I was born on 1st of June 1987 (You do the math for my age).

When did you start the blog?
I started to blog way back in 2009 but it was all for personal blogging or my diary and the write-ups are still all very much alive in my blog. I never thought I’ll go across with fashion blogging until midst of 2012 when I decided to turn this into something that I do love the most, dressing up and taking pictures.

What do you do?
I have full time work and also I’m an owner/creative director of my little online business- Aashta. It’s a clothing line and accessories business.

Where are you from?
I was born and raised up in Ormoc, Leyte. I studied and finished my BS Tourism in Cebu and right after graduating from College I worked and live there for 4yrs. By 2011, I decided to move here in Manila

What's your favourite and least favourite thing about yourself?
I love my eyes and my eyelashes and my height.  My least fave, my nose and my feet.

What do you immediately scan for when you go into a clothes shop? What are you mostly drawn to?
I’m drawn drawn to sexy tops, but most of the time you’ll see me wearing loose shirt in denim shorts.

Do you ever dress "normally”?
Yes most of the time. I just wore normal dresses when I’m going out but during photo shoots for my blog, I played with different styles depends on my picks and likes. It varies.  But normally I prefer laid back outfits than the loud ones when I’m Malling or going outs.

If you could live in another city for one year of your life where would you go?
Probably Paris, City of Fashion, cause I love that place and dreamed to visit it someday.

What do you use for photography?                                                                           
I’m using Nikon D5100 and soon I’ll buy the Af-s 50mm 1.8G prime nikkor so I can get a good bokeh effect for all of my pictures.

Where do you see yourself in ten years' time? Do you ever want to become immersed as an 'insider' of the fashion world?
Yes, fingers crossed. I love to style, do my own pictorials, and shop for my online store. I mean probably I’ll have my own labelled clothing line shop/boutique someday. But what I love the most is designing. My family came from that line. My aunt and my mom is a dressmaker and I wish  to learn even the basic of tailoring and hopefully with this I can harness my skills to fashion designing.

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