27 November 2009

losing a man...losing a shoe on a SALE

losing a man is just like losing shoes. once, i wanted a shoe very much and it was on sale. i was really in awe as to how beautiful and perfect it was for me. then, when i came back to buy it, somebody already took it home. i cried a lot. i was like saying, it was the only shoes im going to like forever.

months later, to my surprise, i saw different beautiful styles.much more perfect that the previous one.i bought a pair, it made me happy and until now, it still looks good on my feet.

…it may hurt a lot, very crushing that your heart will scream out death. but soon, in time, you will be healed and God won’t ever let you suffer again. His timing is perfect. he won’t give you a good, or a better man, but the best.

losing jerome is just losing a shoe on a SALE!!!

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