26 July 2010

A care to our Mother Earth

People realize at this time how precious life is. We’ve been tasked by our creator to be the steward of his own creation. But what we are doing now entirety contradicts to his own will and guiding principle. Seeing how we lambasted every piece of life whether seen or unseen is a concrete evidence of our degrading global resources. What happened in northern part of our country is not the only wrath of Mother Nature to human beings but as well many do experience its fury worldwide. Landslides, Flashfloods in Manila, El Niño in China, melting of glaciers in northern and South Pole and countless horrendous tribulation around the globe, all of this are becoming so audible and lucid nowadays. Are we even aware what a climate change is? Think about Philippines experiencing Snow, oh well that’s what our children in this country ever dream off. However everyone is unaware of its possible aftermath. It may look like so NICE, but we should start praying by then for our safety and shelter because it depicts warning

People are dying because of our own negligence. Its boomerang as we saw it, we attack dubiously and by which it comes back all the way to us. I don’t want to see this traumatic ordeal in Manila as punishment but rather an eye opener for everyone to be more cautious and concern in taking care of our Mother Earth. So sad, because most of innocent people were being sacrificed so for us to be fully awake from our deepest sleep of inattention. When we are going to take action? If all are too late.

Hand in hand we can restore our tarnished resources. If all will just cooperate, we can possibly escape these atrocious and dreadful circumstances that just happened in Manila. We were given concrete example previously on what happened to Ormoc where I am nearly one of the victims of that upheaval and which killed to be exact 8000 people, almost annihilating the total population of Ormoc. Still everyone tends to forget the lesson brought about by that tragedy. So heartrending seeing how dead bodies were just buried in a graveyard like trashes of lifeless bodies. All of this catastrophic event will keep on occurring if we continued to be deaf and blind to our laxity. It’s about time for some stiff and solid action from everybody. It’s about time for changes and not for climate change but changes in restoring our tainted resources.

There are lots of ways in which we can actually help restore our environment. Throwing our trashes properly, turning off the lights when not in used, saving water and countless modest but yet meaningful actions in which little by little will contribute bringing back the old and uncontaminated nature.

Our future generation greatly depends on our action today. The actions we do today will surely be seen and feel in the future. We may not know and experience it as of the moment but it will happen in a little while. “Our present conditions are the result of the decision and action we made yesterday and whatever decision and action we will make today will be the outcome result of our future.” God gave this world to us not to be the owner but only a caretaker of his creation. Don’t wait until once again Mother Nature will burst its anger to us because if it happens, in a click of a hand no one can ever break away.

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