26 July 2010

Melancholy Past

Feeling clueless as discernment denounces words to speak.

A pile of hesitation submerged as memories of the eternal past collides.

Days flown to higher solitude and all questions left unanswered and untold. Wandering around and looking for solace. Where?? Who?? When??

Questions mounting to its empty shell leaving this helpless soul unfilled and wretched.

Now looking forward to its dazzling pace yet moments of isolation, this soul lamely look to its melancholy past.

Days are struggles and unending battle for this warrior to fight. As unarmed from harsh realities wounded painfully each day with rays of torment and glum.

At a standstill strive and face the unending battle for this fight of life so finally when this soul faces the ultimate test no regrets will subsist to last.

And finally as unfamiliar of this despondency, a helpless soul will cry to its final rest….

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