17 May 2013


Im just so ecstatic for our summer escapades tomorrow. Me and my friends decided to spend our summer here in Leyte, my very own hometown. And don't worry guys I'll be posting my 4days summer trip in this blog. Last year, I spend my summer in Boracay (top destination beach in the world) together with my sister and her husband. Unfortunately I wasn't able to post it here due to time constraint, if i have time and if I can get hold of the copies of our pictures I swear to post something even it's too overdue. But anyway for now, I just want to share some few tips on what to bring when heading for the beach. (Some are only copied from the website, I only added some which I know essentials for me and for everyone)

1. WATER - Clearly your best friend for summer. You have to at least drink 1 gallon of water if more the better. This is to keep you hydrated and combat the top enemy of summer "Heat stroke."
2. SUNGLASSES - not only they are one of your top beach fashion accessories but they will most likely protect you from getting crinkled eye when you age. 
3. CAMERA - wants to document your summer, keep your camera ready. Memories are worth a thousand pictures. (don't know if this is the right saying..LOL)
4. SUNBLOCK - the ultimate top list. Should never be forgotten when heading for the beach and most likely the important beauty regimen everyday. Talk about combating wrinkles and other spots you might get when you age. It's better to preppy at a young age than to be sorry later. 
5. WONDERFUL HATS - Ideal on bad hair days, perfect when it’s windy, & invaluable when you actually don’t want anyone to see your face! Plus it's sun protector. 

Hope you all enjoyed my post. Don't forget to stay happy and enjoy your summer. BEAT THE HEAT with the important essentials I mentioned above. 

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