18 May 2013


I don't know what really comes into my mind now, why I opt for having a nature theme for my posts. Anyways a lot of things happened and I was quite appalled by these many surprises. Thank goodness I was able to make a shoot in a Golden Hour of the day and today is Sunday. My outfit of the day was already worn when I celebrated new year of this year. I decided to post it here so I can give you a bit of my wardrobes which I haven't shared yet here. I'm wearing whole pink laces with accent of black belt and black pumps. 

Hope you all love it guys. Today is Sunday and Happy Sunday to all. Enjoy the rest of all your weekend. 

Please hype this in my LOOKBOK, CHICTOPIA and FASHIOLISTA page. 

 photo 8bf9422e-5e61-4fed-ba00-71e41cf4d2f1_zpsc618c69d.jpg

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