23 May 2013


Just to share to you guys my little adventure in my hometown leyte. Two virgin islands in my province that are untainted and very pristine where on our top lists for this summer escapades. We weren't disappointed by what we saw in there. Thou the travel was a bit tiring since one island is far from the other, it was all worth the sacrifices. Our effort was paid hundred folds by the beauty of this two islands. We were mystified by its beauty that we promise to revisit this soon. I've been to Borocay and I can proud to say that these two islands (Kalanggaman and Canigao) are almost close to this known and top beach in the world when it comes to its whitish sand and crystal clear water.  Here are some of the photos I took:
Canigao Island is uninhabited, featuring a lighthouse as its only significant man-made structure. The beaches are white sand, with tropical sea creatures and extensive coral reef in the surrounding waters. The climate is tropical and similar to that found in other areas of the Philippine islands. These natural features often attract tourists and scuba divers, who arrive at the island by traveling fromMatalom (in the province of Leyte).[1]
The western and northern part of Canigao island is placed under nature protection as a sanctuary. Due to this, activities such as swimming, diving, fishing, snorkeling, and boating in the protected areas are limited by law.[2] - wikipedia

This is Palompon’s paradise.  Kalanggaman is considered the most beautiful beach  the province of Leyte has to offer.  The postcard-perfect virgin island with its powder white sand, clear waters, and cool breeze is certainly a virtual place very close to heaven.
What makes this island unique from others is its long sandbars that are stretching on both sides of the island.   The one hour boat ride to the island may be a bit challenging bur it is all worth it when you finally set foot on this paradise. If you want to forget your troubles for a  day or if   you want to have a quick getaway with your loved ones, Kalanggaman is definitely the place to go. - Palompon government page

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