08 May 2013


I was really been caught up lately with tons of work that once AGAIN my blogging life was all neglected. Well apart from that no one's there to take my pictures with me because my sisters are all gone for their respective work and summer schooling. I was all left alone in the house looking for some diversion to my frustrating life. Anyway too much for ranting. I'm trying my best as best as I could to update timely my blog. Here are some post I grab from google while studying some tips and whatnot how to excel in this fashion blogging world where there are lot stiff competitions and amazing blogs out there that if you're is lame will all be taken for granted. But right now what I'm is actually more of a hobby than earning some moolahs here. 

Also I've been in eyeing buying dslr so as to give quite interesting look to my pictures. If I don't have photoshop, I bet all of my pictures will end up lame. I'm planning to buy soon for this gadget, also just a birthday present for myself. Do you have any idea which DSLR cam in the market are a good buy for fashion bloggers like me. Suggestion will be much appreciated. 

Hope you all love it..

with love,

PS: Pictures credit to google....

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