10 May 2013


When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle or healthy body or shall i say sexy body by which every women died to have for, one must exert an extra effort to peel  that butt off  the couch and begin doing the strenuous workout that bleeds our body to sore. Indeed it takes a whole lot of EFFORT and DISCIPLINE to accomplish this task for a period of time.
 Not to brag I got quite number of compliments from friends because of my physique. Thou I'm not curvy but I'm still almost link to being sexy because of my slim and slender figure. Credits to my genes and of course my being active to sports. But that was BEFORE when I was still in college back in Cebu. When I transferred all the way here in Manila, I got lost out of track with my weekly routine. Hitting the age of 24, 25 and 26, is the middle age where most women started to bloat or get sizer because our metabolism reactor starts to deflate. If before I can consume 3cups of rice in one meal, now I was too hesitant to ever begin with eating rice. 
Aside from the consciousnesses about healthy body, I also need to maintain that body I had way before. When you're in fashion blogging it's a plus and credits when you can inspire others to have that nice figure by inspiring them to live a healthy lifestyle. 
But again for some, it takes a whole lot and zillion energy to keep them motivated to get that perfect shape. From my personal point of view, it doesn't have to. Step at a time. If you can do only 10mins of workout for now, that's mostly fine rather than having none. Until you'll got to gain momentum of accelerating to higher speed and endurance. In a month or so you may even run for an hour or more to 12 kilometers or more.
With all this in mind, we need to keep our selves motivated. Investing to workout gears would give us inspiration to keep ourselves on the track. I have some workout gears, but I'm envying to have this Nike Run 5.0 running shoes. They are not only stylish and trendy to look at, but base from reviews it has lightweight package that strengthen the feet and legs with the protection and traction of this running shoes. This is one of the best buys if you want to keep yourself motivated getting that vavvoom body. 
This is my 2014 body projection and promised myself to buy that Nike 5.0 shoes so as to help me achieved that vavovoom body. Ciao for now coz im preparing myself for some running. Stay fit and healthy guys. 

Thank you.
With love, 

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