31 July 2013


I'm not really sure why I choose the title Heaven in Disguise. Thou these past days, I was badly broken and down and my heart weeps for unknown reasons, still there are people who made my life completely full and bliss. These are people I completely treasured for the rest of my life.
Anyway enough with the senti-moments. Let me just give you a very quick recap of my little cutey outfit today. As we all know fashionista's out there, skaters skirt are one of the trendiest skirt hinting the summer period in US and rainy season here in the Philippines. And I'm quite sure everyone will agree to me the blooming aura it brings to the wearer. Very cute, stylish and chic as I love this cute skirt from Aashta. You can be like the cheerleader, the elegant chic, the prim and proper girl. You can mix and match these all you want from the boots to the pumps to the heels and whatnot. You can be the stylish girl in town wearing this hottest trend get-up for girly to full grown women like me. Whatcha think?

[Skaters Skirt - Aashta] [Bag - Celine] [Corset tops - Aashta] [Pumps - ThriftyFinds]

Hope you all love my outfit today.

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Love all. Ciao! photo 8bf9422e-5e61-4fed-ba00-71e41cf4d2f1_zpsc618c69d.jpg

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