05 August 2013


I was so desperate for a little time for myself that I sometimes neglect the thought that I'm still human after all. I've been little pre-occupied with the ads I'm doing for a little online shop who contacted me for hire to design a logo for their online shop coz they were impressed by the logo I made for Aashta. And I was like really?! Thou it's still a proposal but the mere thought of sharing and proposing my designs were like "way to go for me." I love arts thou I'm not gifted with drawings but I poured out all of my likeness to photography and editing pictures. Probably why I'm inclined to fashion designs because of they are also likened to the glory of arts. So I was really ecstatic when I got the chance to proposed my designs for them and hope they'll accept it. Wish me luck! ;) 
And so because I need a little time for myself so I decided to treat myself in a little "me myself date" in Glorietta. I wear this outfit I've bought from Aashta so as just to give a little justification for my tiresome and boring life. A little pink to give flavor and color to my tasteless life. No not that I'm being negative but that's what I simply describe my these past days and hopefully it will all be colorful and flamboyant in time or so. Well I'm preparing to visit Tagaytay by myself and hopefully it will all come true. Again wish me luck for my little adventure   

[Full Dress - Aashta] [Bag - Celine] [Wedge - ThriftyFinds] [Watch - Casio]

Hope you all love it.

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  1. Hey, there! :D I just got your message on Chictopia! I'm so sorry I am replying so late! <3 I would love to follow your blog on Bloglovin'!

    I look forward to seeing more of your styles!

    - Anna


    1. thanx anna... i'm following you now in your blog... hope you can follow me here as well in my blog... thank you anna... it's nice to have you as one of my blogger friends...


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